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Material Text Cultures. Materiality and Presence of Writing in Non-Typographic Societies

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The Plan shows the distribution of the monograms on the capitals.
The graphic characters can be read as the names and titles of the royal couple IOΥΣTINIANOΥ / BAΣIΛEΩΣ and ΘEOΔΩPAΣ / AΥΓOΥΣTAΣ.

I = Justinianou, B = Basileus, T = Theodoras, A = Augustas


uN07 uN08 uN15 uN13 uN11 uN09 uN02 uN06 uN05 uN04 uN03 uN01 uS08 uS07 uS15 uS16 uS06 uS05 uS04 uS03 uS13 uS11 uS14 uS12 uS10 uS09 uS02 uS01 oN18 oN17 oN16 oN15 oN14 oN13 oN12 oN11 oN10 oN09 oN08 oN07 oN06 oN05 oN04 oN03 oN02 oN01 oS18 oS17 oS16 oS15 oS14 oS13 oS12 oS11 oS10 oS09 oS08 oS07 oS06 oS05 oS04 oS03 oS02 oS01